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Quite a few weapons received buffs

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This started out as wanting to boost the speed of the combat shotgun. After a few days of staring at a spreadsheet, I've settled with, what turned out to be much more shit than I wanted to change.

All melee/unarmed weapons were doubled in power, with the exception of nail board which was quadrupled.
The value of these weapons is usually raised in accordance with their buff amount.

.32 pistol
• damage +100%

Chinese pistol
• damage +100%

Assault rifle
• spread -33%

Chinese AR
• damage -25%
• spread -33%
• clip size +50%

10mm submachine gun
• damage +30%
• fire rate +20%

Combat shotgun
• attack speed +50%
• spread +66%

Sawed-off shotgun
• damage +50%

Hunting rifle
• attack speed +50%

Sniper rifle
• attack speed +50%

Laser rifle
• attack speed +50%
• damage +50%

• attack speed +50%

Railway rifle
• spread -50%

All mines
• throwing speed +50%

------DLC weapons------

• spread -66%

Double-barrel shotgun
• damage +50%

Lever-action rifle
• damage -25%
• attack speed +50%

These were changed from 1 ammo per shot and 1 shot per clip to 5 and 5:
• Gauss rifle
• Drone cannon
• Tesla cannon

Cryo grenade/mine
• freeze duration +100%

All uniques received the same treatment but I can't bring myself to type all that out.
I suggest opening this in fo3edit and looking at the changes for yourself and I would suggest doing that for all mods you download.