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The Wasteland is a dangerous place! Now all of the Canterbury Commons caravan guards will be suitably geared up in full Combat Armor.

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This is a low effort mod I threw together for flavor. I found it funny how the rich caravan merchants of the Capital Wasteland hired guards wearing leather armor. They're guards for funks sake, not snipers. So I gave them combat armor, combat helmets, more stimpaks and moar grenades. Survival odds just went up!

I STRONGLY encourage the use of Classic Combat Armor Overhaul Replacer because the new armors and helmets look absolutely sleek and amazing. You'll smile every time you see a caravan guard approach.


Load order notice: We Don't Mess Around has to be loaded after any mods that alter the caravan guards. The mod of greatest note is CivisRomanus' fix mods that addressed guard attire. Load my mod below those for sturdier caravan guards.


(note on logic and immersion) I have no idea how much a suit of combat armor would weigh vs leather armor, but I do know modern day soldiers wear combat armor. I expect trained caravan guards in a post apocalypse would measure up to the average 21st century soldier.

6/12/21 I'm stepping away from the Bethesda Games modding community (reasons), so this mod will no longer be supported or maintained. And is considered in its final version. Open permissions remain in effect. Thanks.