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Simple base-camp/player home mod using an external cell with a fast travel icon so once you're here... you're here! Good place to rest store stuff and some low-level turrets planted for newbie protection.

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This is a simple base-camp I created just east of Megaton so I can store stuff and rest without the extra step of an internal cell.  It's an external cell, no internal cells are used, so once you fast-travel here,  you're here, no questions asked.  I've a high-speed lift I added just as an experiment as well as an target range at the back.  There are also some low-level turrets planted to offer a little extra protection for newbies just coming out of the vault.


Version 1.2 (6-7-2021):
  • Added perimeter fencing with gate.
  • New gate closes automatically after 10 seconds
  • Added secret exit/entrance. Check the drainage grate for access.
  • Added moving targets. Target switch is by the target range table.
  • Added sliding door to player room.
  • Added bathroom with drinkable sink.
  • Added water tank with plumbing.
  • Navmeshes prevent MOBS from gaining access thru fencing.  I tested this by dropping dozens of MOBS around the tower to check they cannot get in unless the gate is open.  The secret exit is locked to just the player so MOBS cannot access that either.
  • Some minor tweaks to lighting and other objects.  The interior of the tower area is blocked now.