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Body Control Fix

This little mod solves some issues I encountered while using JoshNZ's Body Control mod.

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What does this mod do specifically?

  • Fixes the missing bodies by changing the "younger race" and "older race" of some races (which in this case, are actually the bodies), allowing the script to work as intended.
  • Changes some texts of the Body Control panel, making it easier to understand.
  • Adds cancel and exit choices in the menus, so that the player can cancel changing bodies.
  • Adds the Type3 body sub-menu when changing a female NPC's body, since back then the sub-menu only appears when changing a female player's body.

I don't know how to properly write scripts. At least, not yet. I don't know if the things I was typing were right and optimal, but I got it to work. Most edits to the script were based on what JoshNZ entered. I just tweaked it a bit to make it work how I think it was intended to work.


JoshNZ's Body Control (of course, lol): https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/10053

Installation (assuming you already have BC:
  1. Extract .esp file from archive.
  2. Place the file inside Fallout3/Data/ folder.
  3. Open Mod Manager/FOMM.
  4. Place mod after AgeBasedBodys.esm (although you can put it anywhere, since it only modifies files used by Body Control).
  5. Activate mod (tick the checkbox).
  6. Run FO3 and have fun.