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Basically I thought that the game didn't really give you anything to work with in the beginning. You get a bat and a pistol, and some crappy Megaton vendors. This mod adds a vendor in Springvale and also has a bit of dialogue.

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In Springvale, you can now find an NPC named Eddie, the ex-co-owner of Mick, Ralph, and Eddie's. Upon speaking to him, you will learn that he still has some of his old stock. He can be used as a vendor/repairman. He sells a new unique armor: Eddie's Salvaged Power Armor. He basically just has a nice, powerful stock to give players that will give them a head start. It also adds in a couple new weapons, and 2 new armors. Go easy on me though, as this is my first of many mods.

Things this mod does:
  • Adds a fully-voiced Vendor NPC in Springvale
  • Adds the Weathered 10mm Pistol (Located on top of the chair in Eddie's House)
  • Adds the Lone Wanderer's Rifle (Located right outside of Vault 101)
  • Adds the Eddie's Salvaged Power Armor (Buy it from Eddie)
  • Modifies the "Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit" to make it better, and change the name to "Lone Wanderer's Outfit"
  • (Hopefully) Gives people a small reason to play Fallout 3 in 2020
  • Makes the beginning of the game less difficult
  • Gives just a bit of lore hinting at Fallout: New Vegas
  • Lore-Friendly
  • Gives new players the ability to ask what the heck happened to the world
  • Finally, puts a smile on my face if someone downloads it :)