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Vanilla-friendly retexture of the Deathclaw.

Permissions and credits

xinntao for ESRGAN
Alsa for BC1 free 1.0
buildist for Box
 for Ground
DinJerr for FArtDIV3 Suite


Vanilla-friendly retexture of the Deathclaw. Done with a combination of AI upscales and manual texture edits. The vanilla compression was removed with Alsa's amazing BC1 free 1.0 model for an optimal base to work on. Various other models like Ground by ZaphodBreeblebox were then used for processing the diffuse and normal maps. I took some additional steps to add depth to the very flat diffuse map. It now features some baked shading and highlights. The normal map is a combination of AI upscaling and manual texture work as well, and contains a lot of added small scale details.

I tried my best to improve on the Domestication Unit as well. Though I didn't have a lot to work with there.


Using Vortex - overwrite if asked. Using MO2 - put it below other mods containing these textures (higher priority).

Be sure to report any problems you may find in the comments!