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This mod gives you the opportunity to have a Raider as Companion, with voice and lip-sync.

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SlaveRaider Companion v1.2

This mod gives you the opportunity to have a Raider as Companion,
for those that want some variation among their followers.

You will find Angel, a Raider that is enslaved and held captive,
in the Evergreen Mills Bazaar.

If you have already cleaned this place out
she will probably not be locked in her cell.
You can still pick her up there,
but your rescue might seem less than heroic. ;)

You can either keep her as your slave or free her depending
on how good or evil you want to be.

She will treat you differently depending on what choice you make.

* * *


* Lip-synced voice to all dialogs.
I used bits of the existing audio from generic raiders.

* She has all the standard options that normal followers have,
plus some extra.

* She won't care if you have other companions
or what your karma level is.

* You can turn the essential flag on or off
depending on how much realism you like.

* She autoheals after combat just like regular followers.

* She can also have a gun with unlimited ammo
if you choose so in the tactics menu.

* She will smoke if you give her cigarettes.

* You can also change her home, tell her to go home and to rest.

* Her tag skills are Melee, Small Guns and Unarmed.

WARNING: She has a very foul mouth, as all raiders do.

Info to modders - What is changed:

Only one thing is changed compared to the original fallout.esm.
The whore that's locked inside a cell in the interior EvergreenMillsBazaar,
has been replaced by this companion. Everything else is just added.
This mod does not change any of the existing companions,
or the scripts associated with them.

To install:
Simply unpack the zip-file in your game folder.


To uninstall:
delete slaveraider.esp
and all voice files in <game folder>\Data\sound\Voice\slaveraider.esp<br><br>--------------<br><br>* News in v1.1 *<br><br>Tiny fix - 75% less idlechatter, as followers are supposed to have.<br><br>* News in v1.2 *<br><br>Angel will now follow you into most house-mods immediately, <br>and also into some places followers can't normally enter like the OA-bunker.<br>She will auto fire herself if you enter Vault87 during the MQ. <br>She will still get stuck inside the Oasis door, <br>but will join you the next time you enter any interior.<br>Angel no longer assumes that the player is male, in the hire dialogue.<br><br>-------------<br><br>Legal:<br><br>You don't have to ask permission to release your own modifications based on this, but do give proper credit where it is deserved. Drop me a message if you like anyway, it's fun to know where this is beeing used. <br></game>