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Gives the player who explores a place to stay. Offers a story about the day the bombs fell, love at first sight, and explains what the place was for originally.

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Making friends on the Internet Inspired me to make this mod.

I went to Megaton immediately after leaving the vault.  I met Sheriff/Mayor Lucas Simms; talked to Lucy West too.  They made it abundantly clear what wildlife I might encounter.

While in search for people living in the wastelands an idea occurred to me that I might find a place for a place to live.  If I had a place to live where building a house would be good I could share it. I avoided much of the rubble staying west after I was driven off from going to Arefu.  I crept along the northwest cliffs searching; hunting molerats for their meat.  I had the idea of looking for some land where I might find the right soil to grow food.  I might find good friends and share the area for them to construct homes too.

So!  While I was delivering a letter for Lucy West the events encountering raiders, molerats, bloatflies, Super Mutants, and Giant Scorpions drove me further west. I stayed west so I could explore from the high ridges on the cliffs safely.  I arrived at a railroad overpass far to the west.  I couldn't climb to the end of it to explore from above.  I climbed back down and passed under it.  I spied some rocks with a partially exposed concrete section.  Concrete and rocks.spelled manmade and natures trade.  It looked like it might be an entrance.

I moved in closer to where I could see better.  A framed steel door almost completely buried in rock.  I was so excited being fresh out of the vault I wasn't thinking clearly.  I was attacked and chased by bloatflies, molerats joined the heat, and a small scorpion I missed seeing.  Chased me toward the overpass where I discovered I was still being attacked by the scorpion. A short fight ensued with it using a sledgehammer a super mutant gave me.  Once the scorpion was dead I looked around.  A pile of old cars on the old freeway were arranged to make a fort.

After I searched every box there I rested on a mattress.  Eyeing the area in the morning I could see where I was.  I walked back to the place where the door was.

I turned the latch and it opened.  I was barely able to squeeze past the rocks to get inside.  A robot met me in the hall.  After determining it was in need of some repair I searched further along the hall.. I found a room with some holotapes.  One of them explains a lot about the place.