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This adds additional dialogue to leave his story on a more satisfying note and gives Gob a happy life once you murder Moriarty. Originally created by helenasue, Gob's Happy Ending has now been cleaned with FO3Edit to remove many unedited vanilla scripts. It should now work without breaking quests changed by DLC/other mods.

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Helenasue's Gob's Happy Ending is a simple mod concept, but one that was shockingly overdue. Unfortunately, it also suffers from the inadequacies of Fallout 3's GECK, as the version she uploaded contains unedited duplicates of essentially every script in the vanilla game. This is an obnoxiously easy thing to have happen, and it can cause all sorts of problems. For instance, many of those vanilla scripts are subsequently edited, not just by other mods, but by Bethesda's own DLC. In particular, the Broken Steel DLC edits the scripts that fire off upon activation of Project Purity, which was the original ending of the game. This mod would overwrite those edits, and render the entire DLC questline unreachable. To fix that, I ran helenasue's plugin through FO3Edit to clean out all of the unnecessary edits, and now it should work properly.

Literally everything functional in this mod remains her work. All I did is clean out everything she didn't intend to include. Please go download and endorse the original before you even think about endorsing this reupload. Thanks! The description from the original mod page follows.

- Allows you to tell Gob that you told Carol he's okay, and to deliver her message back to him.

If you kill Moriarty:
- Removes Gob's dialogue complaining about Moriarty.
- Provides Gob with cheerful dialogue.
- Allows you to tell Carol that Gob owns the bar (instead of just telling her he works there).