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Adds "You Are Here" arrows to all the metro station signs. Requires "A Decent Metro Map" by Arzoni. Arrows were added manually to approximately 100 locations. Should be mostly accurate; corrections welcome.

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Travel Smartly!

Before the Great War, the Washington area Metro system was a creation of great wonder. Travel throughout the Capitol region was fast, effortless, and elegant. However, the War and many decades of battle, disuse, and decay, have turned this useful system into a shadow of its former glory. 

A researcher, arzoni, scoured the DC Wasteland and, after much effort, she created A Decent Metro Map, which attempted to show what remained of the formerly-great Metro network. Gangs of survivors were recruited to plaster these improved maps at bus stations and Metro stations throughout the Capitol Wasteland.

Despite her valiant efforts, what remained of the Metro was a broken, devastated, and disjointed version of its former self. The still-accessible stations were clearly listed, in a fashion not seen since before the War. This proved to be a great benefit to survivors everywhere.

The Wandering Artist

Long after arzoni's work was completed, a Lone Wanderer and his paint supplies came to the area. While this stranger appreciated the improved Metro maps, he still found the ruined Metro system difficult to navigate.

From a sheet of scrap cardboard found on the street, he cut a stencil -a simple red arrow. He devoted his time to visiting every Metro station and adding his Arrow to the maps. He dutifully marked as many station signs (both above and below ground), showing every new Wanderer where they were in the Metro system. 

This was not easy work, as it required visiting every Metro location remaining and trying to ensure his Arrows were in the correct place. Dozens and dozens of maps had an Arrow placed on it, which the Artist began to think of as the You Are Here arrow. 

A Complication Arises

Experienced Wasteland explorers may have realized there are many discrepancies between Metro station names. In some cases, the names have been worn away, in other cases, local slang terms for the stations have taken hold. In other cases, the station names simply have no bearing on reality. It is assumed that some of this confusion is the deliberate work of a gang of pranksters, based in the Bethesda area. Their peculiar form of merriment involves distorting and manipulating the station names, making any sort of logical navigation rather difficult.

The Artist and the Researcher have done their level best to sort out these discrepancies, yet it is likely the Bethesda Pranksters have made complications which are not accurately reflected in these New Maps. The sign-painting Artist has left this page available for fellow wanderers to relate any changes or additions that need to be painted. 

About This Mod
That's the end of the story, which was just for fun.

This mod adds red "You Are Here" arrows to all the Metro maps throughout the game, most of which are at bus shelters or on underground kiosks.

  • This mod requires A Decent Metro Map by arzoni, who created the detailed map necessary for the arrows to make sense. I appreciate her willingness to let me fool around making something of my own. All credit for the maps goes to her; I just crawled through the world sticking arrows on objects. 

I've tried to get all the arrows in the right places, but it's painstaking work. The names in the map don't match the internal GECK data, for one. I've done my best to get everything marked correctly. If you find any mistakes or missing arrows, please post a (polite) comment here and I'll update the mod according.