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This mod adds simple laser designator for requesting orbital strike.

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(This description is copy of readme.txt)
Simple Orbital Strike V1.0
This mod adds "Laser Designator" for Requesting orbital strike.
Aim target and shoot to request fire support.
Laser Designator is can obtainable by using console.
Examples: "Player.AddItem XX000ECA 1" (Replace "XX" to your mod load order)
=====Usage and Specifications=====
>Laser Designator - Single (ID: XX000ECA)
-Shoot single missile to target location.
-Ammo Capacity: 5
-Semi-automatic firing
-High zoom Mult

>Laser Designator - Salvo (ID: XX000ECC)
-Fires 16 missile at same time, and high spread.
-Ammo Capacity: 1
-Single shot
-Not recommended in use at flat plains.

>Laser Designator - Rapid Fire (ID: XX000ECB)
-Shoot single missile to target location.
-Ammo Capacity: 30
-Automatic firing
-General purpose

>Laser Designator - Rapid Fire(Spread) (ID: XX000EC9)
-Shoot single missile to target.
-High fire rate and spread.
-Ammo Capacity: 60
-Automatic firing
-Used for carpet bombing