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Inspired from Fallout New Vegas, this mod adds two same sex perks into the game.

Permissions and credits
   - Summary

   I simply created two perks that are identical to the same sex perks found in New Vegas. I think everyone should know how they function ;) haha. All assets used here were from the base game. Obviously I couldn't port the icons from New Vegas, but they're not that bad, well Cherchez la femme reuses the lady killer icon but what can I do? Fallout 3 surprisingly doesn't have many vault girl icons :/

  - Requirements

  - Fallout 3
  - ( Optional ) FOMM

  - Anything else you did?

  Contrary to what the perk descriptions say, I didn't add any new speech checks or alter any of the lady killer/black widow dialogs. I found it too problematic and not worth the hassle.
If anyone wants to use this mod for existing NPCs or custom ones for your own mod/quests, feel free to! I'd like to see someone put it to good use.

Anyways, have fun and enjoy :) !