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Fixes both the coat and the holotape found in the Anchorage quartermaster shipment box. Also restores the Winterized combat armor that was supposed to be found inside.

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   UPDATE: This mod is no longer necessary, please use the compiled fixes instead -

  - Summary

   Everyone knows about this odd little bug. You happen to stumble upon a shipment box that's supposed to have the Overcoat you couldn't get during Operation Anchorage and a note explaining how it came to be. To our dismay, all we find is a broken holotape and an item claiming to be "General Chase's Overcoat" yet its really just a standard issued winterized combat armor. Apparently theres two different armors, one that has the right textures but wrong stats and the other thats called "General Chases Overcoat" yet it has the winterized combat armor textures...somethings not right here. Heres the list of changes I've made that will fix everything.

  - Changes

  • Fixed the broken holotape. It was set to the wrong speaker, changes it from "DLC05holoNPC1" to "DLC05holoNPC2" .
  • Adds the real Overcoat. Updated its stats which were set to Colonel Autumns Outfit to the proper ones.
  • Changes the fake suits stats and name to Winterized combat armor.

  - Theory

  Given the two armors found in the GECK and whats described on the holotape, I'm lead to believe that we were meant to find both General Chase's Overcoat and a suit of Winterized combat armor
inside the Anchorage quartermaster shipment box. But for whatever reason, someone at Bethesda decided to rename the combat armor to the Overcoat, gave it mismatching stats and placed it in the box without even bothering to see if the holotape even worked. Weird since the real Overcoat was nearly finished, having the correct textures. Only the stats and enchantment needed to be changed and then it would have been complete. But we'll never know the real reason for this big mistake...

  - Requirements

- Fallout 3
  - DLC Mothership Zeta

( I'm aware that there are other mods that try to fix this, but most of them either just add the right textures to the fake suit without changing the stats, or simply port the Overcoat from Operation Anchorage which doesn't even work for female characters. Just wanted to make my own that simply corrects simple errors made by the devs.)

With all that out of the way, now you're ready to take over the ship in style! Enjoy :)