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UPDATE: This mod is not necessary if using Compiled fixes for Fallout 3.

Applies some well needed bug fixing for the quest You gotta shoot em' in the head.

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UPDATE: This mod is not necessary if using Compiled Fixes for Fallout 3 -


 This quest in my opinion was always the most annoying one in the game due to how buggy it was. Whether I chose to be a pacifist and still only get 25 caps despite our new deal, or betray Crowley in favor of Tenpenny's offer only for the quest to be in limbo, always made me skip the quest and head straight for the armor. But, after a few quick fixes this quest should be more consistent now to actually start.  Here's whats new.

- Changes

  • Crowley will now give you 100 caps for the keys without killing the targets if you exposed his true intentions.
  • Collecting the reward from Tenpenny will now end the quest should you choose to betray Crowley.
  • Corrects the terminal that releases the armor. It will now display the T51-B name instead of the medic armor prototype.
  • Removes Crowley from the Underworld faction. The residents won't turn hostile if you get into a fight with him.
  • Fixes a problem with the ArmorT51bScript which prevents players from completing the quest without talking to Crowley.
  • [Operation Anchorage] - Replaces the sim version of the Winterized power for the Wasteland version .

  - Requirements

  - Fallout 3
  - DLC Operation Anchorage

Okay! thats gonna do it for simple bug fixes for now. Stay tuned for some more interesting mods in the future ;) Enjoy!