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Skips most of the 'Operation: Anchorage!' quest.

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If you're like me and think this quest is shit, this is the script for you! I've included an optional (see below) 'Covert Ops' perk reward that would normally be attained from collecting 10 intel suitcases during this quest. Just drop the 'OAQuestSkip' document in your F3 directory and follow the steps.

Operation: Anchorage! DLC

1. Make a safe save
2. Investigate the Outcast Radio Signal
3. Find and enter the Outcast Base where you'll encounter 'Defender Sibley'
4. Follow 'Defender Sibley' and speak with the Outcast Leader,  'Protector McGraw'
5. Follow 'Defender Sibley' to the Simulator Room and speak with 'Specialist Olin'
6. Put on the Neural Interface Suit
7. Store all your inventory in a foot locker, box, gun cabinet or wherever you wont loose them... (IMPORTANT!)
8. Open console and type "bat OAQuestSkip" (without quotations) and hit enter
9. Retrieve inventory
10. Speak with 'Protector McGraw'
11. Access the VSS Armory
12. Enter the VSS Armory and take whatever you need (completing 'Operation: Anchorage!')

Note! For some reason 'The Guns of Anchorage' and 'Paving the Way' quests will not be added but will appear on the HUD as completed (just not in the completed quests log, well, for me anyways).

If you don't require the 'Covert Ops' perk, simply delete the command line 'player.addperk 0100bf70' from the text file.

Provided your load order is the same as mine, this script should work. Check that your Anchorage.esm is below the Fallout3.esm. If it's not, change the first two digits of each form id to reflect your load order.

It's probably worth mentioning I use the 'UPDATED Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch' with my Fallout 3 GOTY (hardcopy).



10/05/2019 - Don't be afraid to make as many 'safe saves' as you want. Depending on your game difficulty, after retrieving your inventory (step 9), armour up! Once the armory is open, you'll only have a few moments before shit hits the fan. Probably best that you wait until after the battle before looting.

It's important you follow these steps to a T, don't mix them up! And be patient, it beats having to do this boring ass quest. haha