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Looking for a way to stop Three Dog from reporting on Project Purity even though you just stepped out of the vault? Look no further! This mod fully fixes the many bugs plaguing the GNR station which include bugs from the vanilla game and Broken Steel. While there are other mods that are similar, this one fixes problems that were never addressed.

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From our experiences, GNR is a fun little station to listen to while we wander the lonely Wasteland at night. But all of us know how immersive breaking it can be when the disk jockey reports on the war between the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave...when you're still looking for your dad... Or you're sometimes referred to as a guy when your character is clearly a girl :p You get the picture. 

Well, say goodbye to all those problems, cause this mod fixes them all! Well, you might still encounter one or two, its a Bethesda game after all... I know there are popular fixes like "GNR Radio Fixed" by PimpBot420 or the more famous "GNR Enhanced" by Raptre, but both of them only fix a few issues and do not support Broken Steel. This mod fixes many problems, most of which really aren't bugs but missing checks on when certain stories should or should not play. Here is a list of them.

- Fixes

  • Sets the two Broken Steel generic stories to play ONLY after "Take it back!" is completed. No more "Two weeks..." at the beginning.
  • Three Dog will report on your dad visiting him more often early on in the game.
  • Fixes a nasty bug where Three Dog will repeat himself when reporting on the player's exploits if they haven't completed any quests or 24 hours had not passed since completing one.
  • Moved CG04Exploit "Escape!" into the Exploit relay for the bug listed above. Also sets said Exploit to be reported within one game hour rather than the normal 24 hours for the usual stories.
  • Restores two missing lines in episode 4 of Daring Dashwood. Also increases the chances of program playing more often.
  • Enables Three Dog to read the title of the last song played if it has a specific title.
  • Added the Story about the Outcasts back into the reports.
  • Fixed Paradigm of Humanity gender check. Female characters will now get the correct title.
  • Fixes Three Dog not speaking of your exploits at level 20. This is because Three dog will only announce your level 20 title "Scourge/Paradigm/Last best hope" once. He was supposed to reference your title again with shorter dialog, but the audio files for these do not exist, thus Three dog will not comment on the players exploits until reaching level 21. I simply replaced these missing titles with the ones from level 2. Three Dog will never report on the player at level 2 anyways, he seems to only do so once level 3 has been reached.
  • Stops Three Dog from reporting on stories if the were already completed. The exception to this Oasis, only if you burned Harold will Three Dog Stop reporting on this topic.
  • Quest: Galaxy News Radio - restores 1 missing line of dialog.
  • Quest: Finding the Garden of Eden - Fixes the missing gender check for males.
  • Quest: Project Impurity - Three Dog will report if Aqua Pura is hazardous if Project Purity was infected.
  • Quest: The Superhuman Gambit - Restores 2 missing lines of dialog.
  • Quest: Trouble on the Homefront - Restores a missing script for Female characters.
  • Quest: You Gotta Shoot Em' in the Head - Three Dog will now only report on this story if you killed one or more of the 3 targets. Tenpenny is excluded since his fate is tied to another quest.
  • Quest: Head of State - Restores 3 missing lines of dialog if you sided with Hannibal.
  • Quest: The Nuka Cola Challenge - Enables 3 lines of dialog while looking for Nuka Cola Quantum.
  • Quest: Agatha's Song - Fixes a few lines of dialog to play with the correct outcome of the quest.
  • Quest: The Replicated Man - Restores 3 missing lines of dialog if siding with Zimmer. Although they may have been intended for a different outcome. If Harkness killed Zimmer or you killed Zimmer yourself, Harkness would have originally left Rivet city in fear of being exposed. Despite Danvers clamming to be the new chief, Harkness still stays so this ending was never implemented.
  • Quest: Rescue from Paradise - Big fixes here. So it seems Rescue from Paradise and Strictly Business shared the same topic box, despite the two being different quests. This would cause Three Dog to use 3 lines of dialogs, one from Rescue from Paradise and the last two from Strictly business. So when completing one or the other or both, Three dog will say the same thing every time. Removes the lines from Strictly Business, Three Dog will now praise you for rescuing the kids.
  • Quest: Strictly Business - Created a separate topic box. Three Dog will now report this story properly if you completed it.

- Whats not fixed?
Well, apparently Three Dog originally had some reports that would comment on your actions if your Karma changed from bad to good, and vice versa. Sadly, I couldn't get these to function properly. The scripts for these seem to be broken as Three Dog will constantly Switch back and forth praising you one second and then vilifying you the next. Or a better example would be that the game expects you to be purely good/evil in order for him not to report these. If you're a good character and accidentally steal something, the script takes into effect despite it not being a major crime. Shame though, some of his lines were funny but as it is I can't restore it without it being annoying. 

I also didn't check to see if Margret had any major bugs with her reports. But from my experiences she seemed to work just fine ( Not that anyone really liked her anyways...)

- Requirements
  - Fallout 3 ( Not the Van Buren version ;) )
  - DLC Broken Steel
  - Preferably a mod manager. FOMM highly recommended ( Or if you're feeling foolish, try Vortex...Just kidding please don't )

Thats about it! :) I just wanted to make this because there really isn't a complete fix like this anywhere else that includes the Broken Steel stories. GNR Enhanced has some nice songs( La mer, Stardust and Someone to watch over me) but fixes only a few of the problems. Plus at 1GB its too much for me, especially since some songs are kind of bad ( Swinging on a star...) . I hope for those who enjoy listening to GNR will find these fixes a welcome addition, have fun!

Wew... After five days of tinkering and learning I'm beat. Now I know why Margret the technician is so peachy all the time...