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Unique Sledgehammer with instakill chance based on player's Luck.

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Main game and Mothership Zeta DLC.
Mod version 1.0
You have 2 versions of this mod. Install only one of them. Pretty obvious.

a. Unique Weapon Face Smasher
Tulip (Museum of History) will sell it for 500 caps (base price). The weapon has a particularly nasty instakill effect, based on player's Luck + 1.

Player's Luck......1.......2.......3........--->.....10
Instakill effect....2%....3%....4%.....--->.....11%

Base damage 24, Critical Damage 24, HP 600, Base price 500, you'll swing it faster than a regular Sledgehammer.

b. Unique Weapon Face Smasher Test Only
Test weapon with very high instakill effect (50%), regardless of player's Luck. You'll receive it in your inventory, after loading your (last) save.
Spoiling your broth with this weapon is not recommended.

Have fun.

2 unpolished gems found in game's resources.
This ---> hxxps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGdbcIre_S8
Venus. The Roman goddess of love and beauty.
Me. Always.

Many thanks to:
Nexus - for not smashing our faces.