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This MOD replaces the current VATS soundtrack with a custom designed audio mix from the Clint Eastwood, spaghetti westerns.

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This project was created by mistake to be honest. It is like playing on the Casio when you were a kid, if you are that old. 

(Most of the time your music or sounds at least for me turned out to be crap) This one is different, this is AWESOME....

Was messing around with the VATS and had all the audio pulled using my own created Dolby 5.1 Quadrophenic mix down. 

Didn't have any mixes or clips for that matter, just had a master reel of audio. Was working on a custom "THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY" themed guns. Had a few short clips that I was using for the guns. (Only one of those clips is used in this VATS recording)

Started playing with it and it was like putting a puzzle together. 

Your thinking ok, this kind of sound may work in this spot. The end of the VATS is basically the end of the movie when Angel Eyes goes down and than Clint Eastwood throws the Shovel at Tuco. That was my 1st real plug in, than took the GUN DUEL and mixed that in to VATS cutting random clips that may or may not work until it mixed right.

The end of this project was like wow, how did I make this cause it was never planned nor thought up.

Hyno Designs

The video link on YouTube, is the entire concept, the video is basically just remixed audio over the master video. Everything is custom sounds that I was using on this project back 7 or 8 years ago when I put it together. What the video shows is really what I was trying to put in to the game.

(In early 2019, was going back and looking at some of the custom work I did and started expanding it, so it is time to do a public release of some of the material)