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Gives the sound the Vertibirds make when close to them a much more threatening sound.

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In terms of being science fiction military grade flying machines, you'd think the sounds the Vertibirds made would be loud and menacing, but in reality, it's just not all that impressive... Until now!

What this mod does it change the sound the Vertibird makes when the player is close to them to make them sound a lot beefier.

For now, this will only change the sound when the Vertibirds are close to the player, however I may change the distant sounds if I'm able to edit them correctly, or if anyone else is willing to.

Credit for the sound goes to Dickens and their Beefed up Hunter-Chopper mod for Half-Life 2.

If you wish to see this in game as quickly as possible, I recommend getting the Early Enclave mod, which enables Enclave encampments and vertibirds right when you leave Vault 101.

Here's a demonstration video.