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Fallout 3 Immersive Add-Ons is my personal guide for mods that overhaul the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout 3 in a lore-friendly manner by adding fresh content while also retaining the feel of the vanilla game.

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Fallout 3 Immersive Add-Ons:
A Beginner’s Guide to a Lore-friendly Wasteland

Google Docs (Online version) here.

Originally published in this post to r/Fallout, what started out as a 12-page guide to lore-friendly and immersive mods eventually expanded into a 56-page review on the best and most immersive mods the Fallout modding community has to offer. 

For a long time I've been adamant that my numerous guides be available only in online readable format, however, I've had a change of perspective and will now release them here on the Nexus in PDF form (feel free to request a different format) so you may download and enjoy them for personal use.

This guide features: 

  • Over 200 hand-picked lore-friendly and immersive mods
  • Hyperlinked entries
  • A summary and quick personal review for each featured mod
  • Beautifully-formatted entries complete with appropriate imagery from Fallout 3 concept art

Hope you guys enjoy it.