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Gives all Pitt raider related NPCs Enclave themed weapons and armor

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After the destruction of Raven Rock and their mobile base crawler, the death of their president, and their colonel missing in action, the remnants of the Enclave, led by a brave officer by the name of Krenshaw, retreated into the ruins of Pittsburgh. There they met a rather colorful fellow by the name of Ishmael, with an entire army of slaves and raiders, who seemed to hate the Brotherhood of Steel just as if not even more than they did. After some negotiating, the army of raiders were fully integrated into the Enclave, with Ishmael becoming the new general, and Krenshaw agreeing to second in command.

Basically what this mod does is give all Pitt raider NPCs Enclave armor, clothing, energy weapons, and other weapons used by the Enclave. Think of this as a successor to The Pitt under enclave controll

Who got what:

Generic Pitt Raiders: There are two types of raiders: one are raiders with Enclave power armor, these raiders will mostly use laser rifles, but may occasionally be seen with rippers and flamers. Second are raiders with Tesla armor, who will mostly use plasma rifles, but may occasionally be seen with missile launchers, miniguns, and gatling lasers.

Named Pitt Raiders: Named Pitt raiders, like Lulu and Trouble Man, will wear Enclave officer uniforms and hats, and will use plasma pistols. Krenshaw, because he's second in command, will wear a copy of Colonel Autumn's uniform, and will use a scoped .44 magnum.

Ishmael Ashur: As general of the Enclave, Ashur should have the most powerful weapons and armor, right? As such, Ashur will have a full set of Enclave Hellfire armor, and will use a tri-beam laser rifle.

Sandra: As head scientist of the Pitt, Sandra will now have an Enclave scientist outfit.

To install, simply use a mod manager or extract the contents to the data folder, the ESPs are pretty self-explanatory.

Side note: The reason the armors and the colonel uniform look different is because I'm using retextures. The retexture for the armors is actually another one of my mods, while the retexture for the uniform can be found here.