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The Enclave Hellfire Stealth Armor is a highly modified Hellfire armor with a more realistic stealth feature.
Strong defense but no skill change on the character.

Permissions and credits
This mode was created by 3 modes.

The primary mod is "Colossus Stealth Power Armor by by silencer81

Practically if it didn't work wrong (there is something in Pip-Boy) I would have used it.
But it was wrong, so I caught two of the mods and made it.

Your set (also) used 2 mod:
Advanced Recon Stealth Armor by Gopher
COL Enclave Replacer by daejones

Enclave Hellfire Stealth Data :
Armor :
DR  :  50
WG :  45
Fire Resist     :  + 30
Rad. Resist    :  + 25
Carry Weight :   - 50     (Yes, an PA can stand by itself !)
Stealth Field  :  + 75      Attention ! : In this armor, the effect of the stealth field is eliminated by any attack !
                                                             However, the unused but hand-held weapon does not affect.
                                                              (It was practically what I wanted, after all, the effect is more real.)

Helmet :
DR  : 10
WG :   5
Action Points : +15
Fire Resist      : +15
Rad Resist      : +15
Poison Resist : +25
Wather Breathing

Installation :
- Mods requiring the "Operation: Anchorage" DLC !
- The use of mod is primarily suggested by "COL Enclave Replacer by daejones" because it uses its textures !
   (But I added a green variation version, but install it only if there is no COL Enclave Replacer by daejones !)

-  OH , yes here is the ID codes :-)
   Enclave HF-S Armor    :  xx000EA6
   Enclave HF-S Helmet  :  xx000EA7

That is all :-)

And many thanks for :
- silencer81
- daejones
- Gopher