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Roosevelt Academy's old subway station hides some goodies for those who choose to explore

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Now updated to Version 1.1 with LOTS of extra stuff.

Before they put the monorail in, the subway used to run all the way up past Roosevelt Academy. People didn't like the dark tunnels so the monorail replaced the subway which was regulated to freight services.

With the war with China looming, the National Guard and the Office of National Preparedness decided perhaps they could store some supplies in the old subway. Some of the older plant and machine rooms could be used for storage, as well as the old station platforms. They remembered the old Roosevelt High Subway Station, and started making plans to use it. They removed old redundant equipment from a plant room, installed shelves and lowered supplies and equipment in via a roof hatch. On the nearby station supplies were lined up and emergency accommodation prepared.  Secret agents scouted the location as a possible evacuation point for the President and government.

When the war came it caught most people un-ready. No one was in the station when bombs hit nearby. The entrance was partially filled with debris. The train tunnels collapsed from above ground hits. The National Guard and Secret Service tried to reach the station but some died in tunnel collapses, while others perished above ground. So for decades the station remained untouched. 

Access to the station is via an entrance at Roosevelt Academy. The key was dropped on the stairway where it can still be found today if you look carefully.

It is as Lore friendly as I could make it while still having fun.

V1.1 updates. 
  • Fixed a minor section where the plates did not quite meet.
  • Added a whole new station area and lots of equipment and trucks.
  • Made a shipping container railway carriage.
  • Relocated the ware house
  • Added a new exit.
  • Added a truck and debris at the exit as if it had been used as a loading area.
  • Added a small lake near by.