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Are you tired of semi-auto guns that you can't spam? Tired of guns and melee weapons that are useless after level 1? This is the mod for you!

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This mod is specifically designed to make nearly every vanilla weapon in the game better. The item health of each of these weapons have been increased by anywhere from 30%-100% so that guns that used to break after 10 uses can actually be useful to you. All the weapons except for the brass and spiked knuckles and the explosive weapons (because they are as they should be already) have had a damage increase that makes the weapons play more like the ones from Fallout: New Vegas, which had a much better weapons system.

The damage is still balanced during vanilla gameplay, but also makes other mods more fun. I also fixed the fire rate and animation speed of all the semi-automatic guns so that they can be fired (spammed) at a much faster, but still realistic speed. I was always sick of certain guns taking way to long to fire between shots, and every semi auto weapon, energy and ballistic, have been improved.

WARNING: I don't know why, but when I altered the stats of the Terrible Shotgun, it now fires SatCom missiles even though I didn't change the projectile type. I left it that way because it's just fun to watch, so be careful. The explosive radius is BIG.

To get an idea of what kind of damage these weapons do, check out the pictures. I altered the rate of fire, damage, value, clip size, critical hit chance, and more on many of these weapons but not all of them received ALL of these changes.

To install, extract it to your Data folder. To get rid of it, just delete the ESM.