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lStewieAl - Roy Batty - LuthienAnarion - jazzisparis - nukem - carxt

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Project to extend GECK functionality and bug fixes. Ported from the New Vegas version.

Permissions and credits
GECK Extender FO3
Project to extend GECK functionality and bugfixes

This mod is separate from the NV extender, and will be maintained by lStewieAl.

Install the plugin and run GECK with fose_loader.exe -editor or run the GeckPatcher from the optional files to patch the Geck to automatically load FOSE.

Install with an appropriate mod manager or manually move the FOSE folder in to your Data folder.
Disable the Geck Powerup.

Compatible with all FOSE script extender plugins.
Not compatible with the GECK PowerUp

  • Increased frame rate in editor and preview windows
  • Stop 'Preview Object' window taking focus on hover
  • Console log with limited interactivity (double click formid's to open them) with menu to control behavior
  • Re-enables 1256 Warning, Error, and General messages
  • Enable ESM as active file with ONAM preservation, no need to change your mod to an esp
  • ESP masters are preserved and added when making/editing plugins
  • 512x512 Landscape texture/normal generation. enable via ini setting
  • Scriptlet window sizes increased to prevent scriptlets being accidentally truncated
  • Monospace font in script editor (consolas), enable via ini setting
  • Re-enables script compilation errors
  • Script size limit doubled
  • Decreased esm loading time by suppressing printing to the bottom status bar.
  • Spell Checker enable/disable menu option
  • Help links point to community wiki
  • Fast Exit
  • Allow placement of navmesh vertices above other triangles
  • UI speed improvements
  • Smoother render window flycam
  • Time of Day Slider

Bug Fixes
  • Fix crash when searching with multiple mods enabled
  • Fix crash when opening conversations with no mic connected
  • Optional fix for Windows 8/10 not displaying conditions correctly, enable via ini setting
  • User handle memory leak fix, no need to close opened windows from the open windows dialog

Bug Reports:
Do NOT contact the original developers for plugin bugs, please place any bug reports here.
Please mark the bug as [Vanilla] if it happens without the plugin, and [Plugin] if it ONLY happens with the plugin.

Ported with permission from RoyBatterian

Original Plugin Credits:
Many thanks and kudos to purplepidgeon and hlp for the GECK PowerUP which inspired me to create this. 
Many thanks to shademe for CSET extender which also inspired me to create this.
Many more thanks to nukem, hlp, jazzisparis, luthien anarion, and carxt for helping me learn C++, encouragement, and providing endless help and code to make this project a reality.
Thanks to hlp for the active ESM, and ESP as master patches which are used with permission.