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Small mod that adds some quality of life improvements: Lots of generic NPCs are now named, some cut NPCs have been restored, better AI packages for existing NPCs, new dialogue and conversations for NPCs.

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  • Russian
After growing tired of being surrounded by generic nameless people, I decided to give those people actual names. And add a bit more variety to these generic NPCs outfits. And while I was at it, improve some NPCs AI packages, to allow people to live better lives and to engage in conversation with other people, when they normally never would. And hell, restore some NPCs, scenes and dialogue while I'm at it! So this mod does all of that!!
In essence, it aims to add a bit more life to the world of Fallout 3 and make the world feel more alive and lived in.

Changes and additions this mod makes (so far):

Renamed all generic unnamed NPCs in the following locations and given them proper names and more variety of outfits:
*Tenpenny Tower (Both Human and Ghoul residents)

New NPCs:
*Restored an unused Underworld Resident. (Internal ID UnderworldResident10)
*Re-implemented the character 'Meat' in Underworld; made him a friendly Chinese ghoul.
*Restored Stacey, a child in Little Lamplight, who has dialogue and a schedule.

New Dialogue and AI Improvements:
*Moira Brown now leaves her shop early in the morning before opening and converses with townfolk.
*Confessor Cromwell makes use of an unused package, and gives a sermon in his church every day, as well as wandering around town for a bit now.
*Mother Maya also has an unused package restored and will also now mingle and have conversations with people.
*Mister Burke no longer sits in the saloon 24/7 and now lives a full life in Megaton, using an unused schedule.
*Mister Burke is no longer disabled after The power of Atom and now lives a full life in Tenpenny Tower.
*Stevie Mack now attends your 10th birthday party, making use of an unused conversation between him and Amata.
*Allistair Tenpenny now has lunch in the cafe in his private chair. This also allows an unused conversation to take place between Allistair and Margaret Primrose.

I recommend you load this at, or near the BOTTOM of your load order, to avoid NPC changes being overwritten.

This is just a small mod that I made to sort out my own personal gripes with the game. I may or may not update it further, but I hope someone out there benefits from it. If there's any actual bugs (not mod conflicts), do let me know. Other than that, I hope you enjoy.