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Buy property in the perimeter of Big Town.
Real Estate Agent needed.

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23.04.2019 Video uploaded.

New version 2.4 uploaded. Just keep on reporting if anything else is not ticking.

New version 2.2 uploaded. I really hope this one has got it all. And thank you everyone for reporting.

I hope version 2.1 will fix it all. On your image there were 2 exclamation marks under the house?
Tell me if this version works.
It seems I have had a wrong packing order in the package. I must ask you to try version 2.0 which also have some beautiful water details in the back of the house.

The mods I have included in my mod here are OKed by the AUTHORS as long as I credit them:

I was so occupied in my own ideas that I forgot to credit one of the best designers I know of here on; Pixelhate.
Big Town Suburbanized is partly created around Pixelhate's work and ideas:
The last contribution from Pix - Animated Flowing River... by Texian - Godhugh and Pixelhate
Nobiax aka Yughues Barrel Plants and Crates (+Pixelhate) -
Pixelhate's Modular Kitchen Furnitures
More Pixelhate here:
Wasteland Base by Svartalfar/SvartmerII, which is an important contribution in this mod and earlier mods I have launched:

A job for a quest designer.

As soon as someone is willing to establish a Real Estate Office near Big Town there is a "luxurious" property for sale just outside the town borders.

This is one of my "creative itches" which I could not resist anymore. Hopefully you also will see the joy in a project like this.

To avoid CTDs I had to load the mod not too far from the masters , in my case after my "Big Town Hall - A Sniper's Touch" (Load Order position 11 and 12).
Here is the named mod:

Grab this opportunity to establish the first (I hope) Real Estate Office in the Wasteland.

If any bugs occur you now where to find me.