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Unique Power Armor with a Custom texture & Effect.

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Cold Steel Power Armor is designed for late-game Vault Dwellers and is a miniature tank while still remaining somewhat balanced. It's custom textured with a unique effect that's not game breaking.

-Armor: Rad Resistance +50%, Damage Resistance +25%, Strength +3, Agility -3
-Helmet: Poison Resistance +25%, Fire Resistance +25%, Charisma +1
(Other Stats are equal to t51-b Power armor such as Armor Rating, Health, etc).

Custom Texture is inspired from standard T-45D but with a slightly Blueish-White tint as well as High-Resolution looks.

-Found in Elder Lyon's Safe in the Citadel.
-NEEDS Power Armor Training.
-Might require Archive Invalidation mod for the texture to work.

-This only V1.0 and I do plan on updating the Armor, Textures, Location, etc: And anything else I feel needs updating in the future.

-Feedback would be appreciated, Enjoy!