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The more powerful vanilla ghouls now drop Ghoul Eyes to provide you with the Night Vision ability.

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Ghoul Night Vision


Most of my mods (both those I make and those I download) aim at creating a harder, more immersive and a more RPG-orientated game. This mod came about because of the Night Ghouls from Marts Mutant Mod. I loved the Night Ghouls and I also thought that the night vision ability from dropped ghoul eyes was the best implementaion of night vision I'd seen. However, I wanted to run Simple Realism, and it was my understanding that Simple Realism and MMM conflicted. I didn't want to lose the ghoul night vision though, so I made this mod.

Now the more powerful vanilla ghouls (Roamers and Reavers mostly) will also drop ghoul eyes. This is great for people who like to play stealthy games without power armour and high-tech gadgets and works particularly well with mods that make the night very dark. And it's not overpowered. While you can get a lot of ghoul eyes in some areas, in other places there are none and therefore you will need to hoard your ghoul eyes against real need.

In the end it turned out that Simple Realism and MMM could be made to play together quite happily, but I still think this mod is essential for my style of play, because even if you run MMM, Night Ghouls aren't common enough to provide enough ghoul eyes to replace another night vision system.


None known. The mod can be played alongside MMM. However, it may conflict with mods that change the vanilla ghoul loot lists. You should create a merge patch and load it at the bottom of your load order.

Known Bugs

A very rare bug can occur (it's only happened to me once) whereby if you use a Stealth Boy and a Ghoul Eye at the same time, strange things may happen. It won't break your game though. Just go somewhere and wait or sleep. I've never been able to reproduce it so the cause may have been outside the mod anyway.

This is actually an old mod, the first one I ever made. It has a lot of game hours under its belt and the the above bug is the only one I've ever encountered. But please report any new ones you find.

Recommended Mods
Dynamic Weather, Fellout or similar, to make the nights dark.


I suggest using FOMM for both functions. Or another mod manager, but FOMM is the only one I'm familiar with.

Alternatively, unzip the archive to your game folder (not data) or unzip somewhere neutral and add the files/folders by hand.

To manually uninstall:
Delete Ghoul Night Vision.esp file from data
Delete GNVF3 folder from data/meshes
Delete GNVF3 folder from data/textures


Thanks to Lost Cosmonaut for Night Vision Sunglasses, which provided the night vision effect and the permission to use it.
Thanks to Mart for the inspiration for this mod, as well as some of the scripting, the ghoul eye mesh and other things from MMM and his permission to use those things in this mod.
Thanks to Bethesda for Fallout 3.


I have no problem with anyone using this mod in any way, BUT you must first get permission from Mart since a lot of the mod was taken from MMM.