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Unlimited capacity. Anytime you want, anywhere you want. On Earth.

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Requires main game.
Mod version 1.0
In 10 s, after reloading your last save you'll receive an item "A Portable Storage Device".
To use it:
1. You have to own a house (either Megaton Player's House or Tenpenny Tower Suite).
2. Drop it on the ground then activate it.
Depending on your option, you can stash your items either in your lockers (and refrigerator) in Megaton player's house or in 3 separately containers in Tenpenny Tower Suite. The storage device will work differently, depending on how you finished the "Power of the atom" quest (blowing up or not Megaton).
3. It does not work in space, only on Earth.
4. If you own one of the vanilla player's houses, you can use the device anytime you want, anywhere you want (incl. all DLCs areas except MZ).
1. The "Strong Back" perk might become redundant.
2. Very safe to uninstall. You will find all your stashed items in Megaton Player's House or Tenpenny Tower Suite (check the lockers and containers).

Have fun.

Mon cul-de-sac.

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