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This mod causes all Punga Fruit Plants to regrow their fruit after three in-game days.

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All this mod does is edit the "DLC04PungaPlantSCRIPT" script to add a timer for each plant picked to regrow upon reloading of the 3D object by the game engine, provided that, at least, 3 in-game days have passed.  If you would like to change the timer, open the "NachoRegrowingPunga.esp" in your Fallout3 G.E.C.K. v1.5 and find the aforementioned script.  On line 11, there is a notation pointing out which value to change.  Value is set to "3" for three in-game days, set to "1" for one in-game day and so forth.

This mod only edits that one script, so it should not interfere with any mods that do not also edit that script.

And, of course, seeing as this mod has to do with Punga Fruit, you will need the Point Lookout DLC to use it.