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A compact set of weapons to improve the post-apocalyptic feel of the game. Is an historical collection from multiple authors.

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What's the mod about?
A compact set of weapons to improve the post-apocalyptic feel of the game. Is an historical collection from multiple authors with tweaks, updates and complementary assets to play well, all together. The objective is to have a small set of weapons that highly impact the way you play. 

1. Survivor Spear
 | xx0070BA 
A mix of multiple mods ideas. Can be repair with a Lawnmower Blade or a Pool Cue. It has 25-50% to spawn instead of a Pool.

2. Retaliatorxx0070BA
A re-texture idea. Is slightly better than the normal Assault Rifle and will spawn as his variant. 

3. Molotov | xx007091
Updated version to work with UF3P. Will spawn on many NPC that handle granades. 

4. (Silenced) Scoped Hunting Rifle | xx007037,  xx007047
This always feel like there were missing on the game. They spawn as a variant of the Hunting Rifle, silenced version in a lesser way. 

5. Fire Axexx007038
Excellent good looking meleee weapon. 75% Spawn in Fire Hose Box or a small change that a Super Mutant attack you with it. 

6. 14mm Pistol |
My favorite Fallout 1 weapon, a classic among the mods. Many high level NPCs will spawn with it as for his 14mm ammo.

7. .44 Desert Revolver | xx007093 
A modified version of the Magnum. Fill just fine the Riders weapons gap, and is possed by other NPCs as well. 

How to install it?
To install just add the .esp and .bsa files  into the /data folder and enable. Reload (sleep, wait some hours, go inside a building...) to enable full changes on the saved games. 
Note: Always keep a clean savegame, in case you what to do a rollback. 

Followed Design Philosophy?
Attached as much as posible to the  "Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch". I try to ensure that this and future versions of the mod will be compatible with the patch. Trying to achive as much in-game integration as possible (i.e. keep the same icon style) . Any recommendation/contribution is always welcome. Resources are now distributed in .bsa file for a lore-friendly installation. 

Any credits for this mod?
- 14mm Pistol and Scoped Hunting Rifles by joefoxx082
- Survivor Spear by AloBautist (fatmanmagister idea)
- Retaliator by prensa
- .44 Eagle Revolver by grffnhwk
- Molotov by Goodspoon
- Fire Axe by neunen
- Additional resources/updates by AloBautist
- Ironsights version contribution by Jacqueslws
- Weapon Overall patch contribution by JackSK19

A companion for the mod?
Try out Armored Wasteland, improvements over Power Armors, Super Mutants, Raiders and the Wastelanders.  (100% compatible)

Future improvements in mind?
- Maybe add a 1hand melee weapon. 

Patches for this mod?
Humble Weapon Pack - Ironsights Patch by Jacqueslws
Humble Weapon Pack - Fo3 Weapon Overhaul patch by  JackSK19