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It could be said that most of Fallout 3's community has abandoned it in favor of New Vegas and Fallout 4. So many mods are half-assed, incomplete or buggy - never to be fixed by the original creators. I'm a sort of beat-cop, trolling through the Nexus back-catalogue and looking to correct wrongs of the past.

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This page focuses on vanilla weapon fixes. So far I have only two three mods available, but over time the list will grow.
The first is a patch for Callahan's Magnum (from the Broken Steel expansion), allowing it to utilize ironsights and weapon mod kits, although for now you can only give it a silencer. I am working on expanding the list of available mod kits.
It requires RH_Ironsights and WMK.

The second mod gives the tri-beam laser rifle ironsights. Now, before you think that it sounds underwhelming, it was a bitch to get this to work. I literally had to cobble different parts from the laser rifle and tri-beam rifle together (in Blender) and then had to adjust the model in Nifskope. I could not get WMK to work yet, but I'm determined to fix this in the future.
(Addendum - I improved the model massively. The rifle doesn't look squished anymore and there's no more clipping. And I changed the repairlist so that the tri-beam rifle can be repaired with regular laser rifles.)
For now it only requires RH_Ironsights.

The third mod basically gives the infiltrator and its unique variant (Perforator) a scope reticle. While Rogue Hallow's efforts with the ACOG sight was admirable, it simply didn't work properly. After firing a few shots, the red dot would shift downward in relation to the target. That really defeats the purpose of having an ACOG sight. On the upside though, the Infiltrator has WMK support once again. Correction, this is the first time that WMK actually works with the Infiltrator and Perforator. Even Antistar couldn't get this to work with Weapon Mod Kits. It can also take advantage of weapon retextures like WEP.
What this means is that you have the original weapons without having to uninstall RH_Ironsights. I think that's pretty neat. Bear in mind that this is a patch for RH_Ironsights, so please remember to keep this as low as possible in your load order.