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This mod allows ham radios in fallout 3 to play radio chatter.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a translation of the Ham Radio mod by Celticgirl.

The original mod would play radio chatter whenever a ham radio was activated, but would not stop playing even if the radio was turned off mid broadcast, if the radio was turned off and back on before the broadcast had finished playing, a new broadcast would start playing over the top of the prior one, re-activate the radio to get a new broadcast.

This updated version adapts those transmissions into an independant ham radio station (similar to Enclave Radio or GNR) however it is only accessible through the games ham radios and not the player's pip-boy.

This means that the broadcasts emit from all ham radios in the game when they are turned on and also means the transmissions stop if the player turns the radio off. - It also means that any ham radios added through mods also emit broadcasts.

- This should also work with the ham radios added in:
- Broken Steel
- Operation Anchorage*
- The Pitt
- Point Lookout

Note *Since it is based in an earlier time period, I am considering creating a second station dedicated to the ham radios found inside the Operation Anchorage simulation, if you have ideas or would like help with the creation of possible content for a separate station message me with your ideas. - Currently those radios should play the same station as those in the rest of the game.

Thanks to Celticgirl for the original mod, I hope players find this version useful.

Note to modders:

For modders wishing to incorporate this resource into their work, use the "HamRadio01" item in the GECK, and add a link to this mod as a requirement for new ham radios to play audio.