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Modded the Rivet City Gate house to make it more guard friendly.

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This mod came about because I figured the "gatehouse" at Rivet City was just too weak. You mean you can walk up there unchallenged and be let on the ship over an intercom call? Nahh, no way. So I figured it needed beefed up security. Some RC guards take up residence. Then my imagination figured if I was a guard there, I'd be wanting more than some rusted place with no shelter to work in.  I imagined a conversation going down a bit like this:
"What do you mean you guys are the Rivet City Guards union? We don't have a union."
"Well we do now, so you better get used to it. We're sick of guarding the gate house with no facilities in the cold and the rain. We want some improvements!"
"Improvements, like what?"
“Well proper toilets for a start. And we want a shower. And beds to sleep on at night. It’s not easy standing up on that hard metal all night. “
“Oh well that’s a bit much. What else did you have in mind?”
“Well we want a drink tap. It’s tiring walking back across the gang way just to get a drink of water.”
“I suppose you want a whole kitchen as well?”
“Yes we do! And a nice cafeteria would be nice.”
“Ha! What do you think we’re made of, caps?”
“Well if you don’t improve things soon we’re going on strike and moving to Canterbury Commons.”
“All right, all right, I’ll let the Council know tonight. I suppose you want that old pool table from down in the keel store room there as well?”
“Yeah, that’ll do nicely.”

On 17th April 2020 I uploaded Version 3.2 which removed a filing cabinet, and fixed a couple of issues. It also made the beds into bunks so they are a bit less luxurious and more lore friendly. 

I have uploaded a new version 1.1 on the 31st March 2019 to fix a number of minor issues provided in the feedback. I expect the new guards though may still wander around randomly as I have not set patrols for them. 

On 1st May 2019 I fixed some minor issues. 
A floating bush has been fixed.
I have now taught myself how to make patrols and have set many guards and 2 BOS guards on a patrol around the gateway.

Needs Broken Steel DLC.

As usual, please ensure any feedback is kind and constructive. 
And yeah, I do my screenshots in GECK because they don't work in the game.