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Adds eight fun new dungeons to explore, all of which can be accessed from a central warp room!

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Welcome to Mighty Dungeons, now for Fallout 3! This mod adds 8 brand new dungeons to game, with plenty of enemies, bosses, and loot to grab! Each of the dungeons has been specially made to feel unique, and fun to explore!

Important Notes

- No requirements, other than the base game itself!
- This mod is compatible with just about everything, other than Tale of Two Wastelands. (Want to make a conversion? Let me know!)
- All dungeons can be reached from the "Warp Room". The entrance to the Warp Room can be found outside the Springvale School.

Install & Uninstall

Install: Install with NMM or just drop the files into your Data folder and activate it in the launcher.
Uninstall: Uninstall with NMM or manually deactivate the .esp and delete it, along with the MightyPosters folder in textures/clutter/posters.

The Dungeons

***Reminder: All dungeons can be reached from the Warp Room - the entrance is outside the Springvale School.

- Recommended player level - 10+

Nuka Cola Lair - The evil lair of the Nuka Cola Master.

Super Duper Customer Relations - An office building, overrun with surprisingly powerful radroaches.

Hard - Recommended player level - 15+

Nightglow Lake - A lake in the middle of a dark, dense forest.

Evil Tunnels - Tunnels corrupted by the presence of evil.

Insane - Recommended player level - 20+

The City - A raider-formed city, buried deep underground (Has seven unique interiors!!)

The Maze - A strange realm containing a crumbling maze, inhabited by super mutants.

Extreme - Recommended player level - 20+

Blood-Soaked Metro - A metro that has seen several bloody battles through, with the victors waiting for their next challenge.

The Tomb - A place where many wastelanders have met their demise.