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Are you crashing with ENB on Windows 10? Have you not found a solution to your issues yet? Well, this guide might be the answer to your problems!

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Disclaimer: This is not a mod, it is a guide on how to fix the Windows 10 error and CTD upon startup of FO3.

Thank you guys so much for a brief spot on Hot Files! You're the best! (First time any of my mods achieved this :D)


Have you ever felt the need to go back to a heavily modded Fallout 3, after the disappointing reveal of Fallout 76? Isn't it just wonderful that Bethesda did absolutely nothing for this game's 10th Anniversary? Well, if you play on Windows 10 you're likely to encounter a crash or error message if you inject ENB into Fallout 3. This simple and short guide (if you can even call it that) should be able to help you out quite a bit. Besides popular belief, Tale of Two Wastelands is not required for ENB to work on FO3. Here are the simple steps:

1.) If you haven't already, create a fresh install of Fallout 3 and make sure to delete your current INI's (unless you're absolutely sure they were not tweaked)

2.) Pick the multitude of ENB presets on the nexus, and make sure to download the latest version of the binaries. Follow the preset's specific instructions on how to get it looking as intended, mods, ini tweaks, but DO NOT do anything with ENB files as of now. Only make sure you get the latest binaries here. Do NOT do anything with those files either! Keep the archive for later, or else the crash will still happen upon startup. (You should now have the latest ENB binaries from Boris' website as well as a preset of your choice)

3.) Download and install Games for Windows LIVE and Archive Invalidation, to help stabilize the game for modding and preventing more errors.

4.) Launch the Fallout3Launcher and make sure Anistropic Filtering and AA is off, most ENB's cover them already. Tweak the other graphics settings to your liking, again making sure you follow your preset's instructions carefully. (If you launch the launcher and it crashes seconds after, you've already put in the ENB' s files, don't do it yet man).

5.) Launch the game from the already open launcher, do the beginning scene for a couple seconds and quit out. I know, you don't want to see those old and crappy graphics, but we're only doing this to generate the INI files.

6.) Check to see in your 'My Games' that there is a FalloutPrefs and a Fallout.ini. If not, repeat the last two steps carefully.

7.) Now, open the main ENB binaries folder you obtained from ENBDev. Use the 'Wrapper' edition of the binaries, I personally never had the Inject version work. Drag the d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe into the main directory of Fallout 3.

Usually: SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Fallout 3 GOTY (Where the executable is, not the Data folder)

8. ) Open your ENB preset and follow the page's instruction on how to get it installed. Usually it would be dragging all the files to the main directory. 

9. ) Go here and get FOSE. This is a must have for mods like Enhanced Camera, it's a script extender. Download the latest version and extract to the main directory again.

10. ) Open the main folder and look at the executables. Open up Fallout3.exe, Fallout3Launcher.exe, and Fose.loader.exe.
Make sure they look exactly like the screenshots below, it is important they are NOT running as Administrator.

(Make sure administrator and compatibility mode are not ticked)

11. ) Disable the in-game overlay for FO3, it causes transparency and other visual glitches with ENB. (Guide here)

12. ) Start-up Fallout 3 from Fose_loader.exe, and it should start in game with the ENB working as well (top left ENB series message for confirmation)

Thank you for reading this guide! When I found out how to fix this pain-in-the-ass error, I was ecstatic to share it with the community. If you're still having issues, please re-read the guide again. If not, post it. Someone should be able to help you out there. Message me if no one responds, but this should be a last resort.