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Giving Fairfax some proper attention.

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04062018: Version 2.0 uploaded - The Complete Package. Replace everything when asked.
26052018 #2: An update correcting a name error conflict. Replace the esp only. Sorry for the inconvenience
26052018: Here we go then. Version 1.06 launched.
AmaccurzerO tutored me one more time - now in creating patrols. Awesome.
The place in front of the hotel is styled for the occasion; the Grand Opening of a New Statesman Hotel.
(Will not be changed unless someone wants me to.)
I am now taking a deep breath before continuing. Send me suggestions as usual it is very inspiring.
Have a good time in Fairfax.

C1P2D3 created Maggie and Betty as Adults inspired by M48A5's Maggie as Teen.

If you want any of the armors you see in some of the images you will find them here:
My variation of Pitt Slave Armor is included but the original is designed by Aluminumfoil
If you want some of the Wasteland Opportunist Armor by Zeus_II download and install.
Fairfax Vault by FallBurner9 - One of a kind.
Fairfax Apartment by yevic1992 - Also One of a kind.
Fairfax Player Home by gkihffuggj. Installed till further notice from the author.

Thanks to:
AmaccurzerO tutored me in easy scripting which is the reason for the functioning NPCs in the Clinic.

25052018 - 2: Getting better but still some guards not patrolling. Any help appreciated :)
25052018: Not looking much like a grand opening yet :) Any help or ideas are much appreciated.
20052018: Fairfax Clinic is open. Buy chems from Doc and visit the patients :) (They are unconsious - as is practice in FO3.)

This is a temporary upload as I invite you to come with suggestions or even a mod, old or new, does not matter.
I will stick to other parts while opening up for you:)

WARNING: Do not run "Remove identical to Master Records"  on this mod. FO3Edit/GECK only reinstalls the objects and navmeshes I have removed and places them outside of the actual area where my mod resides.
Eventually you will get some questions in GECK when you start the mod.
I really do not know if this affects the output of your computer. But to me this is simply annoying.
Anyone knowing more about this phenomenon please enlighten me.

16052018: Version 1.03.
Hopefully this works as it should.
Some missing signs are now placed within this download.
The exclamation signs by the windows are caused by the missing banners - Pitt Refugees Welcome. Should be OK now
Then there are the HeadGears - now totally removed. All is vanilla.

16052018: (Replaced by v. 1.03) Version 1.02, adjusting some navmeshes and Kresox suggested a couple of guards outside the Grocer. See new image and thank you,
This version is also a vanilla setup.

15052018: New version 1.01, Kresox pointed out some missing meshes which are cleared out now.
If you download this version you absolutely need the linked stash below (the NPCs are dressed in vanilla armor in v. 1.01).

Fairfax Live means alive. No quests but daily life.
Fairfax has been a sore spot for me for years.

With this mod I am trying to lift Fairfax up to become an interesting Town in FO3.
Since my last playthrough including the Pitt I thought there must be an
alternative place for slaves to run to. And that became the basic idea
for Fairfax - a refugee for former Pitt slaves.
I am trying to build up a system of defence and daily life. The invention of mine the
Pylon bridge connects two important defence points.
The ACuppaXJoe is as it says an earlier ACuppaJoe joint which now is a part of a relay
station system to connect straying slaves around the wasteland.
The Grocer, an earlier Cornucopia Fresh Groceries bakery, is a combined
registraton office and "feeding station" for new inhabitants in Fairfax.

As you can see there are still available houses and areas around. I
therefore invite you to join in and deliver whatever you have to make
the city even more interesting.
I have tried to get in touch with earlier contributors but that seems to be difficult. I enclose some
links to different mods of different quality having that in common an
enthusiasm for Fairfax as a live community.

The process continues. Any contributions are welcome on the way.