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A small and well decorated Bunker in Minefield.

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First of all, as in other mods I've done, I'm sorry for my English. I speak Brazilian Portuguese and do my mods in english because it is almost a universal language.
  So sorry for the mistakes and enjoy this mod that I worked hard to do. I'm not an experienced modder, so there will be some silly faults, but I'll be making updates until I get a good one. I accept all the suggestions you put, I will read them all. Thank you and enjoy.

                                                         Survivor Bunker

  The real owner of the bunker is called Arkansas, or as everyone knows is the sniper that exists in Minefield. It will protect your home with all firepower.
In the game there will be two notes explaining everything right. The key will be where it's firing, along with the ammunition. The Bunker is under the stairs of the ruined building.

Requeriments: Fallout 3 

Localization: Minefield

Characteristics: The Bunker is almost all made with custom objects, it is well colored and personalized. Many things turn on and off:

  • Bed with activator and bonus well rested;

  • Laboratory well decorated with plants and with fire activator;
  • Infirmary;

  • Sink and stove with activator;

  • Functional TV with control (a small lag occurs when the first time is turned on)

  • Animated Aquarium;

  • Radio to listen to the galaxy news radio.

    Display Room:

  • Display showcase of all weapons of the game base (to appear the weapons in the showcase have to put the desired weapon in the lunch box on top of the workbench, will only display 1 weapon each);
  • Display of explosives and skill books of the base game (as well as the weapons I recommend to put one of each only for display, because already has containers for weapons, explosives and books);
  • Mannequin heads to display hats, glasses and helmets from the base set only (store in the suitcase that will appear on the mannequins);
  • Storage for ammunition and explosives with names and figures;
  • Bobbleheads Display;
  • I left room near the bobbleheads for those who want to put mannequins (sorry, broke his head but could not add mannequins to Bunker).


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