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This is a co-op between two dedicated authors trying to combine what we consider we are best fit to do:
This is New Hamlet.

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03.04.2018: Version 2.05. This version is a Master File and contains all updates. Delete the older plugin (in case you have it already installed) and use only this version. You dont need any older version or update.

11.03.2018: Version 2.01 uploaded with voices and all updates. 

Version 1.1 with a Cleaner Bot is available.
The Bot is installed in most used areas and homes.
06032018 - AmaccurzerO's description for the new version 1.0:
Some improvements to make the battle more hard.
What's new?
1- All weapons damage have been increased a bit. All rifle's clip have been increased a bit too.
2- Now more enemies will spawn from each side of the road. There will spawn two Deus Ex from each side too for a total of four.
3- The Mayor will still have an NH Energy Sword as secondary weapon, but his primary weapon will be an NH Assault Rifle.
4- I seized the occasion to fix something in the lurker's hoods properties.
The hoods hid the hair, but not the head. I fixed that already.
If any civilians near the bar dies by enemy fire, don't worry, they'll respawn after three days.
I hope you all like these new changes.

New Hamlet is based on my old mod Launderette. The similarities are from now on brought to an end.

AmaccurzerO stepped in and made some improvements to my idea around Uncle Leo's Theme Park.
When I first met Uncle Leo outside the Temple I had no idea of what this mod could become. Download and see for yourself.

Since I had this new land idea I asked AmaccurzerO to join in again and here is the result for you to enjoy.

-All buildings  are inhabited in one way or another.
-Everything is improved. Thanks to AmaccurzerO this has simply become a fuller mod. He is responsible for the NPCs, creatures, armors, outfits, weapons and the quest.

I will not reveal more of the content because I want you to have the pleasure to discover the mod yourself.

Meanwhile take a look at the images. We have different setup on our PCs so there is a combo of pics.

(You can enter New Hamlet from East of Canterbury Commons.)

If you want to know more about New Hamlet, read the article in the article's section of the mod's page.