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A complete overhaul of all Protectrons in Fallout 3. Compatible with Talkie Toaster's RobCo Certified!

Permissions and credits
Visitant's Protectron Overhaul (I'll call it VPO - that's got a nice ring to it) started out as a re-texture of Vault 101 Protectrons and Teslatrons found in Talkie Toaster's RobCo Certified using OpenSaucer’s source file for his brilliant Robot Revolution mod. I liked how things turned out so I started working on all of the Protectrons in Fallout 3.

VPO is unique in that, while this mod will retexture the Protectrons and Teslatrons that are found in RobCo Certified, you don’t actually need RobCo Certified to use VPO! That’s right! RobCo Certified is not required!

And now, for the changes this mod makes.

  • HD textures, all 2048x2048 in size.
  • All new diffuse, nomal, and environment textures/maps.
  • All normal maps have been normalized.
  • Lots of made-from-scratch high resolution bits and pieces added to each model, they replace the low resolution default stuff.
  • Glow maps for the new head electronics, Teslatron eye, and brain pack located on the back of all Protectrons.
  • Unique paint schemes for the various game factions (Vault 101, BoS, Outcast, etc).
  • Clear domes are now found on Protectrons so you can see what’s inside, including the 360-degree sensor array and the little red laser/eye.

That last one about domes not being clear on default Protectrons really annoyed me. I never did understand why they weren’t clear. The laser in the head would keep the dome clear by disintegrating the buildup on it. Plus, Robobrains have clear domes. Why don’t Protectrons?

What Does This Mod Change?
I spent a lot of time tuning and tweaking all of the .nif files to dial in each model. Now, Protectrons don’t seem abnormally bright at night or inside a dark building/subway. Plus, the new maps cut down on the excessive shine in direct light. The Protectrons affected by this mod are:

  • All generic Protectrons (wandering on not)
  • Brotherhood of Steel Protectrons
  • Outcast Protectrons
  • US Army Protectrons
  • Factory Protectrons (in DC Wasteland)
  • Police/Metro/Security Protectron
  • RobCo 101 Protectrons and Teslatrons (if using RobCo Certified)


Compatible with everything that doesn't change the .nif files for Protectrons.

Incompatible Mods
VPO is not compatible with mods that alter the default .nif files (will result in default or other mod textures being used), or other retexture mods (they won’t work due to .nif modifications in VPO). The exception is RobCo Certifed.

None required.

Installation And Removal
Install VPO via your mod manager (I use MO) and activate. Make sure you put VPO low in your mod order. If you're using RobCo Certified, load VPO after it. There are no .esp or .esm files involved, so if you want to take it out just deactivate and delete the mod.

Also, make sure you read the sticky at the top of the Posts page. I put info on what's in the various mods and their options, what's coming in the next update, installation tips, and more.

Add Tesla Armor arcing electricity to Teslatrons.
Finish re-texture of Nuka-Cola, Enclave, and Factory Protectrons in The Pitt.

I have spent a lot of time working on this mod, and some very talented modders have allowed me to work with their assets during the creation process. So please do not re-use any of it’s content without asking me first.

Credits and Thanks
TalkieToaster, for allowing me to tinker with RobCo Certified, which I think is one of the absolute best mods for Fallout 3
OpenSaucer, for allowing me to use his resource .psd file from Robot Revolution

Tools Used
The Gimp
My two eyeballs
Several cans of Coca-Cola and a small jar of Jif for cogitational enhancement