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This mod changes the stats on weapons and certain armors in the game. It adds two guns and two melee weapons that were removed by Bethesda. This mod also changes the facial appearance of multiple NPCs to better suit their personalities and the official FO3 game guide's descriptions, as well as my PERSONAL envisions of what they should look like.

Permissions and credits
Fallout 3 Revamped was originally created as a personal mod just for me to better suit my style of gameplay and create my own little Fallout 3 experience. This mod changes the damage, range, spread, ammo consumption, and value of most of the weapons in the game, as well as a select few armor stat changes. The faces of the NPCs, as well as the heights in the Fallout 3 world have been redone as well. The original intention was to reflect MY tastes, but I have decided to release it on the Nexus for anyone to try. HUGE props to Fallout 3 Redesigned by Dracomies for excellent NPC changes. Definitely recommend this mod if mine does not sit well with you. DLC changes are now completed!

DISCLAIMER: I did NOT use any models from Fallout 3 Redesigned in the making of this mod. I took the plain Fallout 3 master file and made my own little tweaks.

KEEP IN MIND: This mod will NOT work with Fallout 3 Redesigned or any other mod that changes the facial appearance of NPCs, but it works beautifully with Hall of Face by Deblaskez. The mod is perfect for HD facial textures and really enhances the appearance of the vanilla NPCs as well as these. It also won't work with other mods that change weapons stats.

Hall of Face
Sparkling Eyes
Hall of Equipment
Hall of Weapons
Wasteland Clothing HD
Clarity - A Green Tint Remover
NMCs Texture Pack 

Almost all of the weapons have been changed, both guns and melee alike. Many things were changed including the names to give the weapons more uniqueness. Here is a rundown of some changes to get the feel of what this mod entails. A lot of the changes reflect REAL LIFE counterparts of weapons (AKM, G3)
  • 10mm pistol - Damage increased, 7 round magazine, name changed to "N99"
  • 32 pistol, Chinese Pistol - Damage increased and names changed to "S&W Second Model" and "Type 17" respectively
  • Assault Rifle - Damage increased, 20 round magazine, fire rate increased, spread decreased, name changed to "R91"
  • Chinese Assault Rifle - Damage increased, 30 round magazine, fire rate increased, spread increased, name changed to "Type 93"
  • The Laser Rifle is now called the "AER9" and has a faster rate of fire than the Plasma Rifle and consumes less ammo (Plasma Rifle now consumes 2). The stats are very similar to the New Vegas stats for both weapons, which allows those of us who love using laser weapons to have them be more useful.
  • The big weapons have been given a boost to reflect the changes made to the pistols and ARs. The minigun is now called the "CZ53" and the Sniper Rifle is now called the "DKS."
  • The melee weapons get some love too. Almost all of them now have increased damage and are now more useful and awesome to use.

A question you all may be asking is why the huge buffs to damage? The intention here is to make the gunplay a little more realistic. You will NOT become a god since all of the enemies will also be using these buffed weapons, however, once you get a hold of the rare unique weapons, have fun unleashing hell upon the Wasteland. I suggest changing the difficulty to a harder difficulty to give the player more of a challenge. The melee weapon buffs were necessary to make those super mutants that used nail boards and sledgehammers more of a threat, and the ones with miniguns may just tear you apart. Still, if the weapons are TOO powerful, I am willing to create a standalone version of this mod that only includes the NPC changes.

All of the unique weapons have been given huge increases in value since they are one of a kind weapons. It just made more sense to me. Some are pretty much unsellable (MIRV) giving them that true invaluable quality.

Here are some hints as to where they are.

Wanda (Unique R91)
- Big, bad corporate base of operations
Law Dog (Unique .32 pistol) - The name should give it away...
Excalibat (Unique baseball bat) - Caves near the cannibals
Love Tap (Unique Brass knuckles) - An armory less big and with less dangerous weapons than Constantine

For a general overview of the NPC changes, see the images above. It's similar to Fallout 3 Redesigned but with height variations and my own PERSONAL imaginings of the NPC's appearance that are also largely based on information in the Fallout 3 Prima guide. Also, the changes are nowhere NEAR as intricate as Dracomies' mod. Seriously, go check it out.

Basically, a lot of the "tougher" characters were given a more weathered look and have more masculine or tougher features and are taller. The raiders with pink/light blue-green hair did not sit well with me, so all the hair colors were changed to normal hair colors, and all those ghouls who were blue/red/purple in appearance bothered me as well, so their skin is mostly flesh-colored, light or dark.

For the height changes, I basically, again, reflected the character. I made most women shorter than the men, but there are some tall women and some short men. Those in power armor are taller, as well as most of the security guards.

This mod contains six esp files (each one corresponds with the main Fallout 3 masters)
Extract the compressed folder and just grab the .esp files and put in in your Fallout 3 data folder
I personally use Mod Organizer, so with that program, just make sure to install it manually and set the data directory to the data folder in the mod's archive file.
Really, those with limited modding knowledge should be able to install it no problem.

In Mod Organizer, I would place the files directly BELOW the Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.

If there are any issues or bugs, feel free to alert me and I will update it as soon as possible.