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This mod adds the Sharps Rifle to the Capital Wasteland.
It's a port of a New Vegas mod by user DylanF1 (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/62035). This model is the only decent Sharps you'll find for F3/FNV.

Permissions and credits
I originally made this mod for myself but I figured I might share it since Fallout 3 needs some classic old western guns ;)

The Sharps Rifle is a 19th century high powered single-shot falling block rifle, that was popular with buffalo hunters and civil war marksmen alike... and if it kills buffalos, it can take a deathclaw too, I guess.
To stay in line with the weapon nomenclature in-game, it is called "Buffalo Rifle". It is very accurate and powerful which is leveled by the slow reload and high AP cost. Bad choice for CQC, excellent for picking off mutants from afar.
The caliber is .45-70 Government, which I integrated into the game. There's only a limited supply though. You'll get a good batch with the rifle from the crate. Should you need more Moira, Chief Gustavo and Flak&Shrapnels have some rounds in stock although it's quite pricey.

The rifle is located in Springvale at the Red Rocket gas station inside a footlocker named "Hunter's Crate". It is near the yellow car in the northeastern-most corner of the fence.

DMG: 85
DPS: 25
Capacity: 1
Ammo: .45-70 Gov
Crit. Chance: x5

Feel free to point out mistakes I may have made. This is my first mod ever.
Also the hand grip animations are somewhat off. I took the best match available. Same goes for the reload animations, which surprisingly fits the steps on reloading this rifle quite well. If anybody has a fix for these, let me know.