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This is an overhaul of the Paradise Falls exterior cells. It adds a new model, and new NPCs (2 of which have custom voiced dialogue), a new interior, and a gun range that is actively in use.

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Paradise Rising brings new life to exterior cells of Paradise Falls. With several new NPCs, 2 of which have custom voiced dialogue, and all of them have daily routines. Guards will rotate between their guard shift, the practice range, and sleeping in the new interior "Sniper's Rest."

Paradise Rising was inspired by Prodlimen's Tale of Two Wastelands Burger Bunker mod. Michael of GamerPoets wanted to get that mod ported to Fallout 3, but in the process of trying to get that done He, and I found more and more things that we wanted to add, and change. We weren't able to get permission to use Prodlimen's assets, so I created a new version of the Burger Bunker that is closer to the concept art of Adam Adamowicz.

All of my Fallout 3 mods are, and will be an attempt to get as close to his concept art as possible. You can find more of his art here.

Objects from the interior Paradise falls cell were brought out into the exterior cell, because the inside looked empty, and lifeless from the vantage point of the Burger Bunker tower. to combat the FPS hit of the additional objects, Michael of GamerPoets went around disabling objects that either aren't visible to the player, or are not noticeable in game.

Our new NPC Bitch, the slave merchant was custom voiced by XPorter, and the NPC Michael "The Poet" Johnson was voiced by Michael of GamerPoets.

This mod is one of those mods that once you see it in your game you'll never want to play without it.

See the change log for update notes.

Download with mod Manager, and install as normal.

Or you can do it manually, by unpacking the archive contents directly into your Fallout3 data folder.

After installation is complete, you must run FO3LODGen to get the most out of the mod. Some trees have been moved, and a model added, so you must generate new lod.

If you have any issues, blame Michael, because he told me to do it!

You can contact him on his Discord,

And watch his tutorials on YouTube. 

If you want to help support him, you can donate to his Patreon.