About this mod

Too many stuff...I can't write in this Description box.

Permissions and credits

This Mod has many stuff as Follow;

Patch 1.1
Added meshes data folder
Updated AangMod.esp

Weapons (conventional):

Glock-17 Semi Auto
Glock -18 Burst 10mm
Glock-18 Burst Suppressor 10mm
Glock-43 Full Automatic
Beretta 9mm Semi Auto (WIP)
Beretta 9mm Semi Auto Suppressor (WIP)
44 Magnum Suppressor (WIP)

32cal Sub-Machine gun (WIP)
32cal Sub-Machine gun Suppressor (WIP)
Mp-5 Sub Machine Gun

M4a1 Assault Rifles
M4a1 Assault Rifles Suppressor
M4a1 Assault Rifles ext Mags
AK-47 Hard Core (WIP) at least lvl 50
M1 Garand (WIP)
M1 Garand/M14 Hard Core (WIP) at least lvl 40

Mosin Nagant 1891
Mosin Nagant 1891 Scope/Suppressor
M87 .50 Cal Sniper (WIP)

.50 cal Heavy Machine Gun (WIP)
Phalanx Heavy Machine Gun (WIP)
40mm grenade Machine Gun (WIP)
60mm Mortar (WIP)
Portable Katyusha Rocket Launcher
(note: the Artillery type weapons has strong gravity projectiles, make sure aim the weapon higher than normal, its quite fatal aiming very close target)

Sheriff Armor/Casiddy Armor (WIP)
Chinese Assassin Armor (WIP)
Chinese Cloak Armor (WIP)

Terminator Glasses
Sherrif hat
Chinese Thermal Activator Glasses
Chinese Stealth Helmet (WIP)
Thermal Goggles (Activated with both equipped with Chinese Thermal Activator Glasses)
Ultra Psycho, Increase Critical Damage to 25%

This will works if Mod Activated or used before the Quest "Trouble at Home Front" back to Vault 101.
The script attached to Amata Ref to prevent Amata getting killed by the Enclave on unique Wilderness Encounter.

Safe House, Located near Jury Street Tunnel, center of the map.
A Small Defensive Action/Quest, the synth will regroup at this Location after Finishing the Quest "The Replicated Man" in Rivet City.
Make sure the Mod Activated before Complete this quest.
add purchasable Turrets, require big caps for getting a better Turrets.

Unique Dialogue (WIP):
Actually Its not Unique, its an awkward idle chit-chat within RailRoad Factions and other Wastelander.  

Hardcore Combat Simulation (Read the terminal inside safe house).

Enemy Encounter at Safe House.
First is random enemy Encounter approaching the Outpost at 5 direction everyday and start in Monday, triggered around front entrance. 
If passed for one day the next encounter will start again next week, no mater what day is. For example pass in Sunday...restart again next Sunday, pass at Friday restart next Friday, I called this "Weekly pass".
Second is Activating Enemy Encounter button.
This is the same process of "Weekly pass" just with Buttons procedure, not entering Trigger area.

Reset Skill & Hard-Core Combat Simulation.

Resetting Skill need certain Caps, and Level. Activating it will remove most perks and reduce all Skill and SPECIAL skill.
The next Phase will be quite difficult as if hard-core combat simulator already activated.

Hard-Core Combat Simulator.
This will need certain caps, and Minimum level 66, please save the game before proceed to this Mode.
If Activated...the Reset Skill menu is very-very low, skill smallguns -200,Luck -9,Very low Health just 20 HP, Chinese Cloak Armor has no Enchantment, 
to make more Immersive MID-EAST combat, which is long range urban warfare, increase Actors sneak detecting radius twice as normal, for example the console code was...

Setgs fSneakExteriorDistanceMult 4 (default is 2)

This will Increase all Actors to detect each other at further radius, running will detected by any enemies at long distance.
This may disrupt any specific Random Encounter to react and attack very quick, maximum Value is 6 which is depend to another game settings.
Works Outside Only, not Inside/Interiors and also affects Perceptions to increase radius detection of enemy in Compass red marker.

The Aim of this MODE is player should prepare in harsh environment, taking more cover, recon the area, use drugs/chem to hold the pain, secure its flank, taking down enemies at will, and always use follower to distract enemy firing. Forget about "John Rambo" style game play, its remind me the US Marines get shot on the belly after firing hostile using long machine gun without cover, but he was survive though.

Recent change:
Level up Maxed at Lvl.66
Higher Hit Points for Higher level NPC, like Super Mutant Master, Behemoth,Glowing one, Safe house Death Claws, Lvl3 Raiders, Lvl.3 Enclave,BoS,Outcast, Lvl.3 Talon Company, 
Some Essential RailRoad Faction.
Almost Invicible NPC on all RailRoad Faction, when health below 5%.
Plasma Rifle Animation changed to Laser rifle Animation due to blocking Iron sight and reloading animation has changed.
Custom Buffout effect
Increase Caps Reward on FreeformQuest like Prewarbook collector in Arlington Library, BoS Holotag,Finger,Ear, & Megaton Scrap.
looting corpse, containers has more good stuff.
add good stuff in vendor items.
All locations including inside it NPC's,locks,and containers will reset/re-spawn every 1 week after its cleared, not including traps.
Vanilla Idle Conversation modified for wastelander and almost all NPC's. 

Known Bugs:
Vanilla Assault rifles Iron sight is not properly centered, also some of weapon firing is centered while aiming is Vanilla.
Navmesh bug Occurs at safe house outpost after players going back from traveling.
Sometimes Iron-Sight Animation half working while Sneak aiming, fixed by standing then back to sneak again.
When using Setgs fSneakExteriorDistanceMult 4, some times NPC become standing still when detected cowering enemies at far away.
Custom Sound effect may buggy.
Often, Ceiling turrets become Frenzies when attacks massively by enemy encounter, not sure what it is seems this turrets get its sentiment.
Thermal Goggle effects still works after detected Hostiles died.
Idle Conversation may works not properly, the asking person seems answered him self. 

Copy AangMod.rar to Fallout3 Data folder then extract here.

Delete AangMod.Esp and Delete AangMod.bsa in Fallout3 Data Folder
Patch 1.1 Delete AangMod.esp and meshes folder in Fallout3 Data Folder


Animation Bugs
the pistol and bolt action Iron Sight is not working in bsa form...so I have folder type data to the other link, if you can't extract bsa files: