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Reexplore all blocked areas of Mothership Zeta after completion of final quest.

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Mothership Zeta ReExplore


After three main quest ended, there is no way to reexplore whole Mothership Zeta as the only
left place for player to explore only The Bridge, Engineering Core, Steamworks and Holding Cells.


This is another mod trying to provide access to another places being locked upon completion of last quest.
All you have to do is just activate alien push button near teleporter in The Bridge to enable access to doors in
Engineering Core which is marked inaccessible.

For inactive teleporters to work, you have to find and repair them which is requiring science 50 and repair 70.
After last quest finished, option to repair inactive teleporter will be available. If the option is not appearing
then the teleporter is not a real door, only an activator or spawn point.

You can do and repeat Space Walks, complete with decompresion and recompression process.
All you have to do is activate alien push button in Observation Deck, near recompression room.
But, remember to wear Spacesuit like you have done in MZ quest process, or it will be instant death!

You can repair Death Ray in Death Ray Control room. You can repair blown up generators in Death Ray Control
room and reconnect power with alien console panel opposite to Death Ray operate panel, or you can simply
connect power from Death Ray in The Bridge to Death Ray Control room. You must have science 60 at least
to operate alien console panel and science 60 with repair 80 to repair generators.

You can install this mod anytime, before, during or after MZ quest. At least in my test, it works anytime
you install it, but remember to activate the alien push button again after final quest ended in The Bridge
to enable all doors access and in Observation Deck to enable Space Walks with decompression and
recompression sequence process.

What this mod does:


- Enable access to doors in Engineering Core which is previously accessable.

- Non working teleporters now repairable.

- You can repeat Space Walks as many times as you want, don't forget to wear Spacesuit!

- Repair previously disabled Death Ray and blown up Death Ray Generators.

- You have one usable Portable Force Field Generator (xx00b0c0) in Alien Living Quarters laying on table in one room.

- Elliott and Sally now giving you Alien Power Cell together with other items.

- Respawned item container in The Bridge with Alien Foods, Alien Crystals, Alien Weapons, Alien Power Module and Alien

  Power Cell to grab.

== If you replaying MZ: ==

- You can avoid process to disable Death Ray using console in Death Ray Hub to turn off Death Ray without destroying

  it's generators.


- Same with v1.00 with addition when replaying MZ:

  If you battle another alien ship fast enough without alien console explode Elliott is dealing with, you can avoid

  Somah's line "Well, what's left of it anyway." at the end of battle.

  If you battle another Alien Ship and console is exploding, that's an indication that your ship is damaged enough which

  will result when you push alien push button in The Bridge, inaccessible doors in Engineering Core won't open at all.

  But, you still can enable doors access in Engineering Core regardless your battle result before using v1.10. New

  changes effects only when you replaying MZ.


- Force Field Generator throughout Mothership Zeta are now pickable (NexusMods member DarianStephens giving me idea about

  this) after Mothership Zeta quest ended, giving you Portable Force Field (xx00b0b0) with lower HP and value compared

  to unused one in Alien Living Quarters.

- Destroying Force Field Generator now will giving you debris.

== If you replaying MZ: ==

- When you disable Death Ray using console in Death Ray Hub, a wave of aliens (4 aliens) will come instead of nothing

  happen, just like when you destroying two generators (two still intact) to disable Death Ray in normal/usual way.


FOMM - to manage mod order and provide Archive Invalidation.


Extract all files in zip file except readme file to your Fallout 3 data folder and check the .esp in your
FOMM or in your Fallout 3 Launcher. Make sure you have enabled ArchiveInvalidation in FOMM to prevent any
problem that may occur.


Delete all files you have installed before.

Tools Used:



Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 3.
Nexus community


You can do anything with this mod but credit me if you reupload this mod somewhere else.
If you include part or whole of this mod in your mod's creation, don't forget to credit me.