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Armored Vault Suit, Metal Master Armor, Tunnel Snake Jacket, Takoma Cap tweaked.

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Requires main game along with Pitt DLC installed.
Mod version 1.1
I know, there are a lot of mods which changed/tweaked/improved etc. the Armored 101 Vault Suit, Tunnel Snake Jacket or (probably, not so sure) Metal Master Armor.
This one change the things a little bit different.
1. Armored 101 Vault Suit
Instead of measly increase +5 to Energy Weapons and Small Guns Skill it will add +3 Damage to Energy Weapons and to all weapons which fall under Small Guns category. Automatic Rifles will be particularly boosted; since the damage is calculated per shot they will have DPS increased up to 50%.
Wearing this armor will add you +10 to your Damage Resistance as well.
Armor resistance increased 100 -> 150 - slower degradation, on par with Leather Armor.

2. Metal Master Armor (The Pitt)
Instead of flat increase +10 to Energy Weapons & Unarmed Skill it will add +3 Damage to Energy and Unarmed Weapons.
I also tweaked the armor characteristics to be on par with Lightweight Metal Armor from NV - armor resistance 160 -> 500, price 160 -> 460.

3. Tunnel Snake Jacket
Instead of measly increase +5 to Melee Weapons Skill it will add +3 Damage to Melee and Unarmed Weapons and +10 to your Damage Resistance.
Armor resistance increased x1.5 - slower degradation, on par with Leather Armor, price increased 8 -> 180.

4. New version 1.1 - Takoma Cap Little Leaguer Cap
It will properly increase the damage (+5) dealt with Baseball Bats. It was glitched before.
Lydia Montenegro will sell cut-content Excalibat, an improved version of regular baseball bat.
I also tweaked a little its parameters - it will swing x2 faster, increased damage (+5, practically x2 than regular bat), added Knockdown effect on critical hits.
Works very well with Jury Rigging Wasteland Iridium Edition mod, if you want to look like a normal human being and not like a shiny clunky robot.
Happy Deathclaws hunting.

Many thanks to:
Nexus - for allowing us posting all kind of stuff.