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NPCs marked as Repairmen (scavengers included) will have Repair skill boosted up to 100% in some cases.

Permissions and credits
Requires main game along with Pitt and PL DLCs installed.
Mod version 1.3
Long story short:
NPCs marked as repairmen will have Repair skill boosted by 20, 30, 50 or 75.
Scavengers will have Repair Skill boosted by 15, 20 or 25.
Repair cost reduced by 25%.
Long story long:
Bannon, Donovan, Flak, Ken Ewers, Knick Knack, Knight Sergeant Durga, Moira, Pappy, Pronto, Scribe Bowditch, Scribe Peabody, Shrapnel, Smiling Jack, Uncle Roe, Winthrop, Friday, Haley and Panada will have their Repair skill boosted.
Moira will have her Repair skill boosted up to 100 if you stop her quest and take the perk Dream Crusher instead.
Knight Captain Durga is now Knight Sergeant Durga (as defined in GECK); she will repair your gear up to 90%. She will act now as a human being (sleep, sandbox) and her cell will be unlocked. You can trade with her anytime (even if she sleeps).
Changed the Mechanic class - now it will have Repair as tagged. Consequently, Haley, Pronto and Winthrop will have their Repair skill boosted up to 100 (Haley) or 86 (Pronto and Winthrop).
Changed the class for Scribe Bowditch and Peabody from Scribe to BOS Scribe which have Repair skill tagged instead of Medicine.
Ken Ewers (Arefu) and Pappy (Big Town) will wear repairman outfits and will have Repair skill increased up to 47.
Flak and Shrapnel Repair skill 15 -> 65
Bannon 15 -> 45
Donovan 11 -> 61
Knick Knack 15 -> 35
Lucky Harith +30 Repair skill
Smiling Jack 15 -> 65 (70 or 75 if he wears Repairman Jumpsuits)
Uncle Roe 17 -> 47
Scribe Bowditch 19 -> 50
Scribe Peabody 19 -> 67
Friday 11 -> 61 (Pitt)
Scavengers 12 -> 27, 12 -> 32 or 12 -> 37 if they wear Repairman Jumpsuits.
All modifications are made via a script - they are permanent even if you uninstall the mod.
New playthroughs will be affected as well IF you have the mod installed.
Bonus (not particularly related to the purpose of this mod)
1. Bannon, Flak, Shrapnel, Pronto, Smiling Jack and Uncle Roe will change their clothes regularly; I got bored seeing them 50 levels wearing the same piece of clothing.
If they appear naked after your first installation of the mod:
Open the console (~) -> Click on them -> disable -> Enter -> enable -> close the console (~) and you are all set OR you can continue your gameplay - they'll change their clothes after the cells are reset.
2. Changed the ownership for the items exposed in Haley's Hardware - previously they were marked as Tulip's property.
Haley, Knight Durga and Pronto can sell now the items exposed.
New in version 1.3
1. Smiling Jack will wear Repairman Jumpsuits from time to time.
2. All scavengers will re-spawn if they get killed. They are a bit harder to kill (+20% DR).
3. Panada is a bit harder to kill. Now she is armed with a Magnum. Just in case she gets attacked by Smugglers or Tribals.
If Scavengers' Repair Skill is still 12 after installing the new version:
Open the console (~) -> click on them -> disable -> Enter -> enable -> Enter -> close the console (~) and you are all set.
Permission for resources:
Please ask.

Many thanks to:
FO3Edit - very useful tool.
Nexus - for allowing us posting all kind of stuff.