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Another lost mod redesigned - A Player Home in Rivet City

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Use endorsements as a tool to inspire authors. FO3 is worth it.

Now should everything work properly:

-Perfect Signs leading you from the outer entrance all the way to the Hall.

-A perfect toilet specially designed by Pixelhate. There is also a Hard Core version for you to investigate.
(Follow his link to one of the most outstanding designers of animations here on nexusmods.)

-A perfect spinning Globe also by Pixelhate with textures from Anoxeron.
You will find several textures and designs to choose from here.

-2 NPCs are guarding the Hall and are present as they should be.
They will not leave the premises. Eating during the days and sleeping at night on the upper floor.

I thank you all for contributing in different ways - also stahpk.


Then the sign is OK thanks to pixelhate. (See New Image)
Also thank you too stahpk who tried to send me a solution but my PM didn't work.
(I will message the staff.)
A new version will be published when ready.

A new image added showing the pool table in my next release.
-Thanks to ADCK and lurcheon for their efforts with the pool balls.
-Hopefully pixelhate will help with the "Billiard Hall" sign before the new release.
This is a Player Home that was created years ago which I have redesigned.

A couple of NPCs should follow - tell me if they don't.

The 2 lockers on the upper floor are safe to use for your stash.

Help is needed for the sign showing the direction to the Billiard Hall - see image.

I am not skilled enough in NifScope.

The key?

In the locker by the entrance door.

Have the best.