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Enclave Victory is an overhaul adding and upgrading Enclave outposts in the DC Area.

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The Enclave Victory Project


The Enclave Victory Project aims to make the Enclave Outposts in the DC area feel more like permanent locations it. It also adds a few "new weapons" [No custom textures just interesting effects] and new outposts in new interesting locations as well as some new NPCs. This mod should also make the Enclave friendly to the player. There shouldn't be any conflicts unless cells such as Underworld or the Exterior area of Canterbury Commons is altered. It should also be noted that this is my first mod so all feedback is appreciated 

Known Bugs:
-The base at Canterbury Commons will be in the path of the robots so I recommend going there and triggering the battle before installing this mod.
-Whilst not a bug I should point out that the Enclave Mall Staging Area based in Underworld may cause them to butcher the Ghouls.
-Some NPCs are not fully finished and will just stand still.